See Bats

 How to find and remove a bat


If bats are infesting your home, there will always be a chance that one in the colonies will be dead. This normally occurs even if you are not trying to get rid of them. Some will crawl going to the chimney and they may be trapped or stuck between the gaps. This is a normal occurrence that you must be ready to face. One thing you must keep in mind is that you must not take the bats using your bare hands. Take the bats using a pair of gloves, this will save you from the diseases that the bats have. You must also not to take the bat somewhere else but to the animal rehabber only. There is one instance in Montana wherein a parent took the bat to the school where his/her child goes. This bat was not seen by the parent, but their cat brought the dead bat home. This information came from the CDC.

The parent took the sampling to different classrooms, took it out of the jar and then let the students hold the dead bat, even some of the teachers’ hand on the bat. There was this child who plowed fingers into the mouth of the bat to hold the teeth. The parent also brought the bat to an off campus location where there are more kids to touch and see the bat. The parent took the bat to a soccer game location, nevertheless, nobody thought of not holding the bat until the school nurse saw them and called for help from the public health authorities.  From that point in time, the CDC and the officials of the state take a look at the bat and they handle it.

They have checked on the bat and test it for rabies. They have notified everyone who was able to see and hold the bat, because they may be exposed to the bat rabies or diseases and then they checked on their need for a rabies vaccination. Even if there is only one person who placed her finger into the mouth of the bat, everyone who looked and hold the bat was said to be at risk of rabies, since they were all exposed to the bat. They need to vaccinate more than 74 people all at once for the possibility of rabies virus exposure, even if no one got sick after the incident. Being exposed to a rabid bat will put you at risk of rabies virus infection.

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